#PoliticalTuesday: Artificial Sweeteners Increase the Desire for Sugar

“See, the problem with artificial sweeteners “is that [there’s] a disconnect [that] ultimately develops between the amount of sweetness the brain tastes and how much [blood sugar] ends up coming [up] to the brain.” The brain feels cheated, and “figures you have to eat more and more and more sweetness in order to get any calories out of it. As a consequence, at the end of the day, your brain says, ‘OK, at some point I need some [blood sugar] here.’ And then, you eat an entire cake, because [nobody] can hold out in the end.”

“Twenty folks “agreed to cut out all added sugars and artificial sweeteners for 2 weeks,” and afterwards, “95%…found that sweet foods and drinks tasted sweeter or too sweet, and…said moving forward they would use less or even no sugar” at all. And most “stopped craving sugar” within the first week; “6 days.” This suggests a two-week sugar challenge, or even one week, may “help to reset taste preferences, and make consuming less or no sugar easier.” And so, maybe we should be recommending it to our patients.”  – Dr. Greger

So not only does fake sugar prevent you from losing weight (Google: ‘Sugar-free products stop us getting slimmer’), it can actually cause you to eat more real sugar. Bottom Line: If you are going to eat sweets, just eat the regular version of it.


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